What is the munce group?

The Munce Group is a full-service marketing group. We offer numerous marketing programs and services to help you target your customers and to simplify your job as an independent Christian retailer. When it comes to developing new programs and services, we only pursue initiatives that will allow you to make money or save money.

Our current array of programs and services include everything from promotional catalogs & inserts, bag stuffers and merchandising kits to product sale stickers and more!

Munce.com is the latest service arm of the Munce Group. Member retailers will enjoy easy, around-the-clock access to Munce Group information and resources.


To provide our member retailers with the highest quality Christian advertising materials and business services to equip believers for the work of the ministry.


To further the cause of God's Kingdom by putting quality Christian products into the hands of people everywhere as quickly and efficiently as possible.


To offer value pricing, effective marketing and excellent service.


To grow and serve independent Christian retailers who are serving the Lord. Everything that we do is developed in conjunction with a board of experienced retailers who help us effectively achieve this mission.